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Full Service Custom Fiber Mill

We process raw fiber into a variety of products, including roving, batts, yarn, and core-spun rug yarn.

The Process:

Once we receive your order, your fiber is carefully examined on our sorting table, then tumbled to remove loose dirt and debris.

The fiber then moves into the mill, where it is carefully washed and dried.  The next step is the picker, where the structure is opened up, resulting in a fluffy cloud that is ready for carding.

The carding machine combs and distributes the fiber, aligning fibers and creating a "web".

The web can then be rolled into a batt, pulled into roving, or spun around a yarn core to create corespun rug yarn.  

Roving can be used as-is for hand spinning, felting, and other fiber crafts, or it can be spun into yarn.

To make the yarn, the roving fist makes several trips through the draw table, which further straightens the fiber, and combines and stretches the roving into a consistent thickness.  The roving is then ready to make a trip through our spinning machine, plying machine, steamer, and cone winder.  The final step is to wind it into skeins, ready for use!

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How to Order

Please refer to the attached Information and Order Form

Information and Order Form


1. How do I order?

First, please download and read our information and order form.  Please contact us to discuss your order and timing BEFORE you send us fiber.  We are currently operating off of a waiting list, with a 5-6 month wait time.

2.  How long does it take?

Once we contact you from our waiting list, we try to get large orders done in two months or less, small orders are often done in less than a month.

3.  What types of fibers to you process?

We are equipped to process almost any fiber, from long-wool sheep breeds to merino, mohair, and alpaca.  We do NOT de-hair, so double-coated breeds such as Icelandic will have both coats in the finished product, and hairy fibers such as Yak will be coarse.

4.  Can you blend fibers?

Yes!  We have merino, silk, and bamboo on hand for blending, including natural and dyed colors.  We can custom order other fibers as necessary.

5.  What forms of payment do you accept?

We can accept both personal checks and credit cards.


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